Who we are...

SELAM, an Amharic word that means PEACE. We are a Travel and Tour company based in the heart of Nairobi, Kenya. We arrange Safaris to various destinations and specialize in organizing tours in both Kenya and Ethiopia.


The country offers the visitor a chance to experience the natural world unchanged by passage of time. This is a land of endless potential for the wildlife enthusiast, from the great migratory herd of the open savannah, to incredible abundances of birds- life, to the depth of the Indian Ocean teaming with life. Kenya has 59 National Parks, Game Reserves, Marne National Parks and Reserves.

A bit on Ethiopia…

Ethiopia is located in the Eastern part of Africa, popularly known as the Horn. Ethiopia is bounded on the east by Djibouti and Somalia, on the north and northeast by Eritrea, on the south by Kenya and on the west by the Sudan.


Judging by the story of the Queen of Sheba and King Solomon recounted in the Old Testament and elaborated at great length in the Ethiopian epic, the Kebre Negest (Glory of the Kings); the rest of the world commonly acknowledges 3000 years of Ethiopian Civilization. Comparing the history of most of the countries of the world, a national legacy of even 3000 years is quite remarkable. This is especially so when that means an uninterrupted and independent march of the history of the a people, organized as a polity, answering to very much the same set of self – identifying values and symbols, and occupying more of less the same geographical area.